If you're having trouble remembering your username or password, 
click "Login', and then use the "Forgot My Login?" link . 

Please do NOT create a new account. 
If in doubt about your account status, contact: ivision@nwresd.k12.or.us. Thanks!

Here are a few of the resources and tools available once you’re logged in:

All Staff

  • View paycheck statements, use a payroll calculator to estimate deductions, access recent W-2 statements and withholding forms, and view your current withholding status.
  • View your leave balances.
  • View and update your contact information. This is an important area to keep up-to-date, because the Human Resources Department uses this information in case of an emergency.


  • Information related to managing staff via 'Human Resources' and 'My Staff', as well as your status regarding the requisition and purchase order approval process under "My Workflow."

ESD Staff Participants 

Login in the Portal and hover over 

 in the drop down find Work Share

to find information from the Payroll Department



WorkShare Participants

If you are wondering about when claims will be processed and when to expect payment, we, unfortunately, do not have an answer at this time.  

 We do know that the Employment Department is very backlogged.  

When they get to the NWRESD claims in their queue, they will process all outstanding claims together.  

This means when they make the payment, you will most likely receive a lump sum payment instead of weekly payments. 

If we receive a clear timeline, we will share that information with all staff.
 For any other questions, we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Thank you,
WorkShare Support